Client Reviews

"We own a portfolio of apartment communities across the United States and we were fighting a battle that we knew would bankrupt us at our four DC properties after COVID. We were at the back of the line with our attorneys who had many clients with the same issues. We met with Rent Resolutions and saw an improvement in our delinquency within the first month! The day after our grace period, our tenants who owe a balance are put on notice. Rent Resolutions drafts notices same day, coordinate same day service of process, and send all paperwork necessary to our attorneys as soon as we can file in court. We went from issuing more delinquency notices than we could track to now only issuing one or two at each property! We can't thank Rent Resolutions enough. TRUE PROFESSIONALS IN EVERY ASPECT!"

-C. Miller

"I manage a number of rental properties in the Washington Metropolitan area and I had to learn the eviction process all over again after COVID. My dedicated Rent Administrator always does her due diligence when I have an issue. She discovered that I had a number of tenants who abandoned their units without notice. Thanks to her, I was able to legally regain possession of those units quickly. New tenants have moved in and I'm generating income again! Rent Resolutions saved me thousands of dollars."

-M. Marshall

"Rent Resolutions is a team of experts that stay up-to-date on everything related to real estate. They take the time to get to know your property and can proactively identify solutions to your tenant issues, no matter how big or small! I saw the amazing work they did at one of my multifamily properties and now they work on my entire region."

-T. Jones

"Many of my tenants were carrying a balance every month due to unpaid rent AND utilities. My Rent Administrator was able to review each tenant lease and ledger to determine what amenities could be terminated due to nonpayment. The appropriate notices were drafted and delivered to the tenants and my Rent Administrator followed up as soon as the notice period was over so that we could review those accounts again and take the appropriate next steps. Now my tenants know that I am enforcing collection of all charges, rent and utilities!"

-S. Brinks

"For years I was paying exorbitant legal fees and waiting months for my landlord-tenant court cases to be resolved. With the help of Rent Resolutions, there's no more waiting or litigating! They get me results every time."

-J. Gibbs

"I thought it would be counterproductive to hire a middleman between my property staff and landlord tenant attorneys but I am so glad that I hired Rent Resolutions! I don’t know how I went so long without them."

-Z. Walker

"Utilizing the services at Rent Resolutions of the best decisions we’ve made. I look forward to our monthly check-ins. If you enlist their help, I promise you won’t regret it!"

-N. Fiorentino 

"I was referred to Rent Resolutions by another regional manager who was stuck in a similar rut with an unmanageable delinquency issue before finding this company to help. I can’t thank her enough for the referral. This team knows their stuff. Very thorough!"

-K. Thornton

"A must have if you are in the rental property business in DC! 

-P. Swann

"Our busy property kept our on-site staff busy so they weren't able to give all of their time and attention to tenant balances. Rent Resolutions took that task off our staff's hands and it has made a huge difference at our property. Can't thank them enough."

-S. Thomas

"Before I enlisted the help of Rent Resolutions, my legal fees were taking me down just as fast as my past due tenants. Now I hardly pay any legal fees because Rent Resolutions makes sure I only litigate when I absolutely need to!"

-T. Scott